Atlas Orthogonal (AO)

What is A.O.?

A.O. means, Atlas Orthogonal. This term is saying that your atlas is in perfect balance. When we use our special gentle form of Chiropractic our goal is to bring your atlas into a perfect balance in order to restore your bodies healing systems.

A.O. is a technique that connects and aligns your head and your spinal column, by properly setting the atlas to exacting measurements.

This Technique brings your eyes in line with the horizon which helps your body to realign all of the bones in the spinal column. It in a nut-shell A.O. puts your head on straight. Proper alignment also makes the body more relaxed this relaxation allows the body a better ability to hold the correction.

What is an atlas?

The atlas is a small bone at the very beginning of your spinal column.

This bone is so very important that The Greeks named a god after it and as this mythology goes Atlas had such great strength he latterly did hold up the world.

What is an axis?

The axis is the bone just under the atlas. It has a small bone part called the dens that stands vertical to the spinal column. You can see this bone part in the middle front or the axis bone shown here. The atlas uses the dens to pivot on, so you can turn your head easily back and forth.

How does this adjustment help me get better?

The atlas and axis are the active working bones that connect your spinal column and your cranium. These bones

when aligned together allow your head to turn and move with ease

In the center of these bones is a large space called a ferromen (the name for hole), this space needs to be fully open so that the spinal cord and nerves are not squeezed or pinched by the spinal bones. The spinal cord is housed in your spinal column and is the highway to the brain for all information.

A.O. technique aligns and opens all the bones of the spinal column so that nerves are not pinched and as your posture improves and your muscles strengthen you will feel better and actually heal better.

Your entire nervous system depends upon the proper connection, of skull, to atlas, axis, and spinal column, and your brain depends on receiving all of the information sent from your nervous system to have complete health.

All information travels electrically within your spinal cord, from your brain to nerves, organs, and cells, and then back again to your brain.

Branches of the nervous system are at work within your whole body collecting information. Your brain uses this information from your entire nervous system to know how and where your body needs help, healing, and also complete understanding of the world you are in.

By helping the nervous system, then in turn helps all systems of your body get better even thinking will become clearer as your lungs and heart work more efficiently to clean, oxygenate, and nourish your brain.

Pain is also improved when spinal discs move freely they can get more of what they need. And muscles and tissue will receive more nutrients to repair injuries.

A.O. is the Queen of Chiropractic and you and your body deserve it today. Please help us to help you and follow your visit schedules they are designed specifically for you to help you get the best out of our A.O. work

How is A.O. different than regular Chiropractic?

A.O. uses an extremely light force. The correction is barely felt, but because it is so gentle the body does not tense up muscles and this makes it possible to move the bone precisely with such a gentle touch.

Who needs A.O. Chiropractic help?

I would say almost everyone. Old people to very young people are helped by this technique.

A.O. adjustments can help children grow and think better. A.O. helps all ages because it gives the body a more relaxed, less stressful and healthful balance.

Expect only the best health to come especially if you have tried other techniques and they did not work please give us a try; because A.O. helps both mental and physical health and conditions, for the youngest to oldest, when you visit your A. O. practitioner regularly.