Sacro Occipital Technic (SOT)

The Sacro Occipital Technic is a system of chiropractic and chiropractic Craniopathy that integrates art, science and philosophy of optimizing the human innate healing systems. SOT utilizes a systemic and systematic approach to removing neurological/structural/functional interferences thereby returning the innate healing capacity to the system.

Specialized integrated procedures include chiropractic biomechanics, nutrition, functional neurology, soft tissue reflexes and chiropractic Craniopathy addressing the craniosacral respiratory mechanism.

The technique also features the Category System of Patient Analysis which allows the practitor to have a logical, balanced approach to patient care, enabling him to monitor effectiveness.

Included in the SOT Technic:

  • Chiropractic Manipulation Reflex Technique
  • Category I - the synovial scro iliac boot
  • Category II - weight-bearing parts of the sacro iliac joints
  • Category III - the discs and their blood supply
  • Cranial Sacral Respiratory Mechanism - integrated functions
For more information, see the SOT website.